Natalya J. Edwards is a writer and aspiring author of fantasy and teen fiction, born in Ipswich, Suffolk.

From a young age, she’d demonstrated an interest in writing and story-telling, quickly filling her diary with illustrations of her (badly) drawn characters, using her drawings to tell what she believed were engrossing stories. 

Around 15 years of age, she’d discovered her ambition of being an author after spending a full lunch break in the library, where she wrote the outline of an epic fantasy to pass the time. From then on, she has aspired to be a published author.

On Natalya’s Creative Writing Space you will find a collection of poetry, writing prompts, blog posts of her writing progress, musings and her thoughts of different aspects of the writing process. 

She is currently working on a collection of thematic stories, which she aspires to self-publish sometime in 2021. The idea for these stories were heavily inspired by the anime ‘Hell Girl’, in which a girl fulfils requests to send a victims’ tormentors to hell.