Cold-blooded Murder – Writing Prompt

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Here is another writing prompt from I delved into the Random First Line of Dialogue this time and stumbled across the line ‘I’m not really surprised you murdered him.’ So here is my short story based off of that first line of dialogue.

‘I’m not really surprised you murdered him.’

Casey was on the way to the other end of the kitchen to switch on the kettle. Her dry mouth thirsted for a hot, black coffee after an impromptu shopping spree in Oxford Street, but when her ex-boyfriend’s best friend Lisa, out of nowhere had uttered those chilling words, Casey found her feet glued to the dark, grey tiles of her kitchen. Her boney knees wobbled, knocking against one another. It was as if all of a sudden her legs couldn’t bare the weight of her body despite her skinny frame. She was able to grip the edge of her polished, black counter tops before she managed to topple over. Her back was turned to Lisa who was leant against the counter on the other side, next to the fridge. Casey was grateful for that, for Lisa couldn’t see the ghastly look that had consumed Casey’s face. Almost immediately after the waves of shock had riveted through her, she composed herself, allowing her face muscles to relax. Casey straightened her resistant spine and with a carefully constructed composure, clicked the kettle on.

‘Would you like a tea or coffee Lisa? I’ll be having a black coffee myself. I am parched!’

Casey’s voice was high and strangled, betraying the steady, confident control she usually held over her voice. Her throat was uncomfortably tight, so she uttered a short, abrupt cough, hoping to loosen it. In spite of her best efforts, she couldn’t stop her hands from shaking in front of her. How could Lisa possibly know? Surely, there was no evidence against her. Of course there wasn’t. All that Lisa could do was suspect her, but she couldn’t prove it. No one could.

Still, she panicked. Casey’s whole life flashed before her eyes and she saw herself holed up in the black depths of a prison cell, sentenced to life.

‘You were jealous. Craig was ready to move on with another woman and you wanted him all to yourself. You couldn’t bare seeing him happy with someone else, so you took his life.’

Casey gulped and her throat pulsated in pain. She focused on the lucid cloud of steam that rose from the kettle’s nozzle. Its insides that rumbled as the kettle boiled the water. The sounds concealed her whispered curses as she contemplated what she could possibly say in response that wouldn’t incriminate herself.

‘The police said that he was stabbed almost 30 times,’ said Lisa with a hard edge to her voice. ‘In the neck, head and back. He was already dead, but you stabbed him over and over and over again. You wanted to make him suffer and you got your wish.’

‘You sure do have a vivid imagination, Lisa,’ said Casey, nonchalantly.

‘It’s not my imagination Casey, it’s reality! It’s in the police report.’

Casey silently cursed the kettle for taking so long to boil and curled her thin fingers into a tight ball, her black-painted, manicured nails digging into the palm of her hands. She was desperate for a sip of coffee to settle her nerves and to stop her fists from quivering.

‘Are you sure you don’t want something to drink?’ Casey squawked.

‘If I did, I’d throw it straight into your face. The audacity.’

‘The audacity of what?!’

Casey spun around and faced Lisa, her flushed face contorted in an ugly snarl. Lisa jolted up from the counter and stood to attention. Casey figured that Lisa was probably scared she would do something to her. She had every right to be afraid. Casey wanted to grab her sharp knife that lay among the cutlery in her dish rack and plunge it into Lisa’s gut for dare questioning her, twisting the knife slowly as Lisa squealed and begged for what was left her pathetic life. Casey bit down on the inside of her cheek, forcing the twisted thoughts out of her head, almost immediately after they had inserted itself inside. She willed herself to calm down. Soon, she’d regained her calm.

‘There’s nothing to tell. I did not kill Craig. I was no where near his house when he was murdered. End of story.’

Word Count – 695 words

Do you think that Casey killed her ex Craig? How do you think she did it? There are some unanswered questions that I’d be interested to go back to for this one. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

Photo by Chaozzy Lin on Unsplash

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