Surviving the Winter Week!

I hate the cold. I do terrible with icy, cold temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, I also hate hot weather. Admittedly, I am one of those people that complain when they’re too hot or cold. I especially hate the cold though.

Last week was particularly difficult as temperatures had dropped to around minus 6 degrees, the coldest that it had been in the UK this year and so far. When I left the house on Monday morning last week for work, I was greeted with a layer of ice and snow that had laid overnight. The air was icy, the cold tearing through my skin and clothes as I walked to the train station and to work. It wasn’t long until my hands had turned so numb, it felt like my fingers were going to fall off from the pain!

I know I should have probably worn gloves to protect my bare hands but unfortunately, I had bought a cheap pair of black, fluffy gloves from Primark that were of poor quality. You see, if you pull a little at the fluff, strands of it can easily be pulled out and whenever I wore these pair of gloves before, I’d find black bits of fluff everywhere. On my clothes, on the floor, in my bag where I’d keep the gloves when I wasn’t wearing them. It was too much of an annoyance for me to put up with, so I went without. My cold, numb hands weren’t happy about that decision, however.

I took a quick picture of the snow on my way to work. This was last Thursday I believe. The snow wasn’t laying quite as much then, but it was still way too cold.

It’s supposed to be warmer this week, so here’s hoping that we have soon reached the end of these winter days and the beginning of my favourite season. Spring!

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