When Were You Most Frightened? – Writing Prompt

Hello! The following is a writing prompt that was randomly generated at https://writingexercises.co.uk/ in the ‘Random Subject to Write About’ section. I also have other writing prompts that I have written on my blog, that you can find here! The topic that came up this time was ‘When Were You Most Frightened?’

When thinking about a time that I was frightened, the first thing that comes to mind was back in my second year of University, when I’d moved from student halls of residence to a student house. When I first moved in, the place was a mess. Full, black bin bags were left outside, probably for days and the place was basically trashed. It wasn’t the best of starts or welcomes to a place that I’d be living in the for next year.

On my second night of staying in my new home, I started to hear these sounds in my room, as I was trying to fall asleep. It was this deep scratching sound against what sounded like cardboard. I still hadn’t unpacked all of my stuff, so I had boxes still laying about on the floor. The long, prolonged scratch was terrifying against the quiet, like something out of a horror movie and it wouldn’t stop! It went on and on. I tried to drown the sound out with music, but I had this horrible feeling of what it was and couldn’t settle. I played with the idea of sleeping downstairs but I thought that wasn’t right. I shouldn’t have to sleep downstairs in my own house!

It was at one point, when I looked up and out into my room that I saw it. A small mouse on my bedroom desk, licking its little paws. My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

I was so scared to enter back into my room because of this little thing that had decided to invade it, gaining entry through a boiler that was installed in my bedroom. A boiler that provided hot water for the bathroom.

Pest control laid down this pink block of poison and it died shortly after in the dark hollows of my wardrobe. Somehow, I was so traumatised by that experience that I didn’t want to stay in that room again, even after the dead mouse had been disposed of.

As time goes by, I feel that my fear of mice has lessened. After all, I live in the capital city where mice are a lot more common and I’ve seen them often on the underground at tube stations. I have to remember as well, that mice are ‘apparently’ more frightened of us, than we are of them.

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