Surviving the Winter Week!

I hate the cold. I do terrible with icy, cold temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, I also hate hot weather. Admittedly, I am one of those people that complain when they’re too hot or cold. I especially hate the cold though. Last week was particularly difficult as temperatures had dropped to around minus 6 degrees, the coldest that it had been in the UK this … Continue reading Surviving the Winter Week!

Secret House: The Aftermath – Writing Prompt

Hello! I was inspired to follow up on one of the writing prompts I wrote late, last year after searching through some flash fiction prompts at Flash Fiction Prompts – 100 Day Flash Fic Challenge. The prompt that I wrote last year is called Secret House, which you can read here if you haven’t already. I decided to choose no.55 on the list of Flash … Continue reading Secret House: The Aftermath – Writing Prompt

When Were You Most Frightened? – Writing Prompt

Hello! The following is a writing prompt that was randomly generated at in the ‘Random Subject to Write About’ section. I also have other writing prompts that I have written on my blog, that you can find here! The topic that came up this time was ‘When Were You Most Frightened?’ When thinking about a time that I was frightened, the first thing that … Continue reading When Were You Most Frightened? – Writing Prompt