My Writing Goals for 2021!

At the beginning of every year, I always have some vague goals in mind of what I want to achieve and this year is no different. Since late last year I have had quite a few things floating around that I’d love to achieve sometime this year. Funny enough, the main goals that I have on my list are writing related, hence the title of this post. Here are a few of them!

Write and Complete a Collection of Short Stories

I am currently working on a short story, which I hope is the first of a collection of thematic short stories I’d love to self-publish someday. I think writing short stories is a good starting point in terms of improving my craft of writing and my ability to tell a story. Writing prompts have helped me in this aspect and I hope to continue writing prompts in order to continue exercising my writing juices. As well as possibly self-publishing these stories, I think finding a home for these future short stories of mine in some sort of writing magazine is a good shout. I’m still exploring the options.

Start a Local or Online Writing Group

I’d originally had an idea last year to start a writing group in my local area. I liked the idea of managing my own group and being in control of the days times that we would meet. I’d attended a writing group early last year and it was great to bond with like-minded people. It is unfortunate that writing groups are not able to continue in the same capacity due to government restrictions and are now taking place online via Zoom. An online writing group doesn’t really appeal to me as much. Nothing can take away from face to face contact in my opinion, but it is something that I am still considering, depending on how this pandemic continues to develop.

Write and Complete a Novel

Perhaps this one is the most ambitious goal on this list. Writing a novel takes time. Not only do you have to write a first draft, but there’s the editing, the rewriting, the beta readers, editing and rewriting some more, ironing out the plot holes and inconsistencies…it’s a lot of work! Again, I’d like to self-publish my current fetus of a novel someday once it had been completed. I also love the idea of marketing my own book. I already have in mind some creative ways that I would market it, but it’s just a pity that I can’t utilise them as of yet without an actual book!

So these are some of the few writing goals that would be nice to achieve in 2021. How about you, what are your goals, writing related or not, for the year?

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