Reflecting Back on my Year in 2020 – April to July

In this post I reflect back on my year of 2020, which I’d best describe as a rollercoaster of highs and lows! If you missed my blog post reflecting back from January to March then you can find that here – Reflecting Back on my Year in 2020 – January to March. Below documents the months of April to July in 2020.

Summary of my year in 2020 – April to July

April/May – I bundled these two months together as looking back, they blend into one for me. I’d recovered from my tight chest and breath shortage a couple of weeks after I’d first started to experience these symptoms, but I was still plagued with illness. I had this long headache that at times was really painful and lasted for weeks. At one point, chills ripped through one side of my head. It was terrifying for me, as someone who usually didn’t suffer from headaches, especially of this kind. Every couple of weeks I was weak and hit with feverishness. As I’d been placed on furlough between the months of April and May, I didn’t have to suffer at work whilst I was ill, which was lucky for me.

At some point I had returned to my hometown of Ipswich, unable to fully take care of myself. It was a proper lockdown with desolate streets and no cars in sight. It felt like a literal ghost town. I’d grown an addiction to mobile games, the number one offender being UNO. I was so addicted that I’d even put money into it, just so that I could top up my coins, which would allow me to keep playing. You know your addiction to the game is especially bad when you unlock an achievement for winning over a thousand games. I was both elated and ashamed of myself for this feat. I discovered quite a lot of simulator games, where I could build my own theme park or supermarket or hotel and I wasted a lot of hours and days on these games earning bazillions, whilst building my own empire. At this time it was surreal to think, that I was being paid 80% of my wage to do nothing but sit around and play games. It was a unique time of my life that I may never experience again.

I believe that it was in the last couple of weeks before I was due to return to work, that I’d decided use my time in a more productive manner by free writing and giving myself permission to write bad. I was always someone who spent a lot of time editing each sentence before I could bring myself to move on, but I was determined to break that cycle. In the previous months I had abandoned my writing, so it was nice to return to it.

June – My time on furlough came to an end as I was asked back to work in our Ipswich office, since I was already located there. Though I’d become accustomed to sleeping and waking up whenever I’d wanted, it felt good to return to work. It was difficult at first as I’d forgotten a lot of the things I was taught and the working day seemed to stretch on, though it wasn’t long before I’d slipped comfortably back into routine. Working gave me a sense of security as I feared losing my job when I was furloughed, just like many others had experienced. Even the contract I signed to confirm that I would be placed on furlough, stated that there were no guarantees work would be available at the end of those two months. I was lucky.

I’d started to search on Spareroom for a new room to rent in East London, rather than North where I’d previously resided. My requirements this time, were that my room included an en-suite. I didn’t want to share a bathroom, especially during these times where cleanliness was and still is paramount. En-suites appeared to be few and far between, at least the ones that I could afford, so it was tough!

July – I attended quite a few viewings in East London and found one place in particular that I really liked. I needed time to think on whether or not I would accept this room and lay down a deposit for a few reasons. One, I wasn’t keen on the route to the house, where you had to walk through a park. I couldn’t help but think how unsafe that would be a night, when I was walking back home from work. It helped to do a little research into the area, to avoid moving into a particularly dodgy area of London. Another thing was the travel to work. From this location, it would take me an hour to travel to work with a couple of transfers in between. Ideally, I wanted to live in an area where it would take me less than an hour to reach work and that only required one train to get there.

In the end I was swayed by the room and its location that allowed for privacy, so I expressed my interest to the agent. Unfortunately the person who had viewed the room after me had already placed a deposit on it. I was disappointed. Sad even. There was no other room that I wanted or even thought could live up to the quality of this room and house. Shortly after, the agent came back to me as the person had changed their mind on the room and it was all mine! Things were looking up!

I will be posting the following months soon, so do check back! Thank you for reading.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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