Missing Him – Writing Prompt

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This is a Random First Line Writing Prompt from https://writingexercises.co.uk/firstlinegenerator.php. The writing prompt generated was – After ten days of hot weather, she was now sitting there shivering

After ten days of hot weather, Olivia was now sitting there shivering at the bus stop, just outside of the airport. She waited under the bus shelter as it was pelting down with rain, shifting her stiff legs from foot to foot. She wrapped her arms across her chest, but it did nothing to stop the biting cold from attacking her. Every swear word she’d ever known left her lips in a low, chattering growl, icy breath wavering in front of her. She wished she’d thought of packing an umbrella or coat. The warmest thing she had was the dark grey cardigan she was wearing, the hood pulled down to almost cover her naked eyes.

She closed her weary eyes that felt frozen by the cold and hung her head low, shielding her face with her hood. Her sigh was long and anguished as she thought of the small, dingy flat waiting for her back in South London. Arms still wrapped over her chest, she rocked back and forth as the chilly air tried to rip through her clothes. The icy, cold weather reminded her that she’d forgotten to pay for the gas before she left on her two-week trip to Turkey, so no doubt her flat would feel like the inside of a freezer once she’d returned home. She willed herself not to cry as the back of her eyes prickled.

She missed Serhan already, the man she’d met on the second day of her trip in Turkey. He worked in the bar of the hotel she was staying at. When she arrived in the early afternoon, she’d checked in at the hotel and headed straight to her room on the third floor. She slunk herself into her ready made bed, exhausted from the lack of sleep and her overworked mind, plagued with worries of her future.

Olivia awoke in the early morning, thirsting for an alcoholic beverage. She dragged her anchored feet down the carpeted stairs, wrapped in her baby pink, silk nightie and cotton pyjamas, her hair tied into a high, messy bun. She didn’t care that she looked a mess as she sat at the bar, her chest slung over the counter. She didn’t even notice how handsome the man who served her was as she spun her straw around the deflated lemon slice, dipped inside of her cocktail.

‘Are you ok pretty lady?’

She rubbed her watery eyes and looked up at the owner of the smooth, accented voice. The man who’d served her watched her with kind eyes. Her mouth gaped open slightly as she absorbed his facial features. Olive skin. Dark brown eyes. Strong jawline. Soft looking lips. Lips that curved into a slight smile when he noticed her gawking at him. She snorted in embarrassment, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Lost for words, all she could do was nod.

Leaving the wet straw on the counter, she took several swigs of her cocktail before slamming the glass back down on the counter. Her face was sweaty and not just from the heat.

‘My friends always said I could make a great therapist,’ he said. ‘If I wasn’t working at the bar, then maybe it is something I could have tried. I am a great listener.’

Olivia found herself ogling the man for longer than she’d intended, mesmerised by his face. He grinned and revealed his straight, Colgate white teeth.

‘Tell me, what’s on your mind pretty lady?’

Despite the frog caught in her throat, she’d allowed herself to open up to this stranger, her voice weak and strained as she told him everything that weighed on her mind. The worries that ate away at her on a daily basis. Being over the age of thirty with no man and no kids. An estranged Mum who cared more about drugs than her and no Dad in sight, having never known her Father. She grew up as an only child. With a family that distanced themselves from her and her drug addict of a Mother, she’d known from a young age what it was like to be lonely. These days, she’d watched way too much TV and that did nothing to ease the loneliness that ached away at her.

Tears streamed her cheeks as she gulped down the rest of her cocktail. The man was as great a listener as he claimed, pouring her another glass in silence, even though she hadn’t yet ordered another.

‘On the house,’ he said and lay a gentle hand on her arm. Her face was red, but she was already a little tipsy and didn’t care to hide it.

‘The name is Serhan,’ he said.

‘Olivia,’ she said slowly, her voice a little slurred.

From that day on, they were inseparable. When Olivia had booked her trip, her intentions were to lay at the beach and get drunk everyday in that order, hoping to drink away the woes that were buried deep inside of her. Instead, her new, hunky friend showed her all the best, tourist spots, taking her out for lavish meals and parties, making Olivia feel happier than she’d ever been.

She realised that she was in love with the man. She didn’t want to return back to her flat. She wanted to be back with him in Turkey.

Word Count – 883 words

Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Missing Him – Writing Prompt

  1. What an interesting story – and so unrequited. I can’t help but feel sorry for Olivia missing him!

    Just as an aside that you probably won’t care about: Sirhan (I assume it’s probably the same name as Serhan, just differently spelled) is a historically important name in the US because Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby Kennedy (John F. Kennedy’s brother). I went into this expecting Serhan to be so much more underhanded, but I like the way this ended up being.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, no! It’s definitely not something most people our age know about. I’m a wee bit of a history nerd (well, American political history), and people who are over 50 seem to know who Sirhan Sirhan is. Still, the name shouldn’t be ruined by one madman.

        Liked by 1 person

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