My Favourite Place – Writing Prompt

Hello! This is a writing prompt from my favourite writing prompt site This time, I tried ‘Random Subject’. My chosen subject was Describe Your Favourite Place

It’s mind blowing to think of all the places that live and breathe on our planet. A multitude of countries I have never and may never see with my own, two eyes. There’s quite a few places I’d love to visit, the choices are endless. Still, nothing can beat my favourite place in the world. My bedroom.

An introvert’s paradise.

The best thing about my room is that it’s just me that lives in this space. That means I’m free to sleep how I want and arrange my room how I like. Tangled clothes on the bed. Inside out jeans on the floor. Dirty cups on the window sill, or chest of drawers where my TV sits. Or a pristine room, held to my standard of cleanliness. Free of hairs, dust and crumbs with a fresh, scented smell.

My room is the place I can peel off the mask from the outside world. Where I can pose and sing into the mirror, host my own try out haul with the clothes I bought from TK Maxx, or sob into covers, melting in my own pit of despair and depression. Where I can snuggle into my duvet and watch random Youtube videos for hours on end, eating slices of pizza I ordered from deliveroo.

My bedroom is where I can truly be myself and that’s why it’s my favourite place.

Word Count – 229 words

I kept this one short and sweet, although there’s quite a few things to add to the list of reasons why I love my bedroom (i.e the place where I write and play video games). What’s your favourite place? 🙂

Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “My Favourite Place – Writing Prompt

      1. no, our bedroom has bed only, not even a tv. That was quite deliberate, that it should be a room for sleeping only. But, you know, the luxury of having a multi-roomed house. I guess you’re sharing somewhere?

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