I Passed 100 Followers – Thank You!


Sometime last week I finally accumulated 100 followers on this site, so this is a quick thank you to those that have followed me. Not only the followers, but to the peeps that have liked and commented on my posts, it is appreciated!

Work and travel has been kicking my butt these past couple of weeks, so I haven’t managed to post as frequently as I would like.

When I returned to the blogging hemisphere, my plan was to post three times a week – Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Although I was able to keep up this schedule initially by scheduling posts ahead of time, I soon found myself to be too exhausted after work to fit in much writing time in the evenings. Travelling an hour to and from work really does takes its toll on the body after a while.

What little time I can stay awake for, I am working on a short story which I have almost finished the first draft of (hurray!), and a couple of novels I am writing down my ideas for, so I am a little busy on the writing side of things. Wish me luck!

Just another note: I have been more active on Twitter these days, so you can always give me a follow @NatalyaJEdwards. I will follow you back 😉

Once again, thank you for the 100 follows! Here’s to the next 100! *Raises Glass*. If you haven’t followed me already, what are you waiting for! 😛 Thank you ❤

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