Useful Resources to Develop Writing & Structure a Novel

Hello! Happy Hump Day.

Over the years I have depended on many sources to aid me in the writing process. When I was lit with the desire to write a novel in my mid-teen years, I knew nothing of how to actually write a book. The internet proved to be my friend as I scoured the online web for websites, that provided the information I needed to help me craft a novel. I wanted to share just a few of the sources over the years that have been useful to me and may prove useful to you as well.

Holly Lisle

In my early writing years, I considered this one of the best resources for novel writing. Her website is packed with plentiful articles in the Writing section that cover every aspect of the writing process, writing quizzes and FAQ’s, covering every question you may have had about writing (even tips on finding an agent or publisher). My personal favourite and most useful section to me is her writing workshops and how-to’s, as this section is filled with fun writing exercises to try.

The Snowflake Method

A useful source for structuring your novel using the ten steps of design. This may prove useful if you are really struggling to write the draft of your novel to completion, or you find yourself with a cluster of ideas with no clue how to structure them into a cohesive story. There’s also a useful article in the Creating Your Story section of the website on writing the perfect scene, which breaks down scenes into two levels of structure.

Fantasy Worldbuilding

This one is great for fantasy writers, particularly of the epic or high fantasy calibre. This website contains a list of many questions to consider when building a fantasy world, from the world to the people and customs, magic system, social organisation, daily life and more.

Character Chart for Fiction Writers

Many character charts exist out there on the wide web, but this was the one I used a lot to help me develop full-fledged characters for my stories. I don’t think it’s necessary to fill out every little detail, but it’s definitely a good source of guidance and prevents the catastrophe of creating flat, 2D characters.

Writing Exercises and Prompts

My personal favourite website for writing exercises and prompts, as it randomly generates writing prompts and exercises at the click of a button. A great source for practising free-writing and exercising those creative writing juices. Random First Line Prompts is the one I use most often, but you can also find other randomly generated prompts such as Random Plot Generator, Random Scenario and Random Subject.

There are many resources that have helped me along the way during the writing process, but these a just a few that have proved useful to me.

Feel free to share any sources that you think are useful as well.

Thank you for reading. Until next time.

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