5 Short Facts About Me!

I have recently re-started my blog again after a 2-year hiatus and as a shadow in the writing community, I thought I would write 5 short facts about me. I’d like to get to know other writers in the writing community as well, so please, tell me some facts about you as well!

  1. Jurassic Park was my favourite film for YEARS. This was overtaken by Jurassic World and now Avengers: Infinity War.

2. I love video games, especially story-based games and JRPG’s (Japanese Role Playing Games). Final Fantasy X, Grandia and Persona 4 are among my personal favourites.

3. I am addicted to tea and will fight anyone who says that coffee is better 😛

4. Fast food is my guilty pleasure and I rely on them way too much. Pizza Hut, Chinese, Nando’s and KFC are my go-to’s when I can’t be bothered to cook.

5. When I like a song and find it to be catchy, I will listen to it over and over on repeat until I have exhausted all enjoyment out of the song.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about me? I’ll answer in the comments! Tell me some facts about yourself and please like and share if you enjoyed reading!

10 thoughts on “5 Short Facts About Me!

    1. Thank you Darnell! Ooh that sounds lovely! It may be abit of a weird choice, but I love making omelettes! It’s so satisfying when the omellette turns out so well, without falling apart 🙂 You can’t go wrong with chicken as well!


  1. Definitely agree with you on tea. My favorite is a black tea blend called “German Chocolate Cupcake” from a little shop in the Blue Ridge mountains, but when I can’t go up there I suffice with some Earl Grey. What’s your favorite?

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  2. Hi Natalya! I love tea too. I prefer my tea plain. No sweeteners and no milk. Green is my favorite but any kind will do. My family and I love Avengers. Do you like Star Wars? I’m the same with music. I’ll play the same songs over and over but can’t stand to hear them on the radio lol. What’s your favorite song right now? I love come together by Chris Brown and H.E.R.

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    1. I have tried tea with no sugar and milk and it is a bit too bland and strong for me aha.
      I am ashamed to admit but I have never properly watched Star Wars. I’ve been meaning to get around to watching it … I was late to the party when it came to Avengers so it will be the same case for Star Wars as well.
      I am currently listening to this song called Rover by artist S1mba, as I constantly hear it on Capital Radio at work and it has gotten in my head XD Thank you for reading Iris ❤

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