An Insight into Publishing

Publishing is a career I’ve been curious about since attending university. In my final year and as a graduate, I thought long and hard about possible career choices. Editorial, writing content online, journalism, copywriting. Basically anything to do with writing. I also thought about getting into publishing. I mean it made sense to me as an aspiring writer. It seemed like a natural choice, as a business that’s centred around books and authors. Something else that particularly enticed me to the prospect of publishing was the thought of being around like minded people. Quite a few people I know do not read as a hobby. Netflix seems to be the popular choice of entertainment. Books? Not so much. The idea of being around people who breathe books seemed especially enticing to me.

I left the idea of getting into publishing at the door for a while. Meanwhile, I questioned what to do with my life as I continued to write. Lately, I had been feeling more and more curious about the publishing industry as I felt I was wasting my life away. Something in the back of my mind told me to leave it alone. Publishing is hardly an accessible career. Stick to something that’s attainable Natalya!

Eventually, I pushed those negative words through one ear and out the other, as I scoured Gothinkbig for any publishing opportunities. I decided to apply for a one day event called JobHack, which was hosted by Penguin Random House and would provide a valuable insight into the careers available within publishing. This event took place in three different locations in the UK and I applied for all three, determined to get a place for at least one of them. I was accepted for a place in Leicester, which was over 3 hours away from where I lived. Still, I didn’t care. I was attending this event.

I stumbled across another opportunity after a google search. Inside Story, an event by Hachette Publishing House, that would provide insight into publishing with guest speakers from the industry. A fire of ambition lit from within, I decided to apply for this event aswell. Whilst JobHack’s application was based on random selection, Hachette’s application required me to write in 100 words or less why I should be selected to attend. Desperately wanting to be accepted, I took my time, writing and editing over the course of 4 days.

Luckily, I was invited to attend this event, which I was very happy about! Another opportunity to learn about publishing from a different publishing house.

In short, both events were great and completely worth it. Creative exercises allowed me to step into different roles in the industry. Editorial, Rights, Sales, Audio, Production, Design, Marketing and Publicity…so many roles that are accessible within publishing. It was interesting to hear from a speaker at Hachette who is an editor and currently writing her own novel and so many that wish to enter publishing, whilst also being creative writers. I met so many people and had the opportunity to network with people in the publishing industry. It was also exciting, travelling to Leicester, a city that I have never been to and getting to travel back down to London for Hachette’s event (oh how I missed London!)

I am definitely hopeful that I can get the opportunity to work with books. Whether that is as a bookseller or a role within publishing, it is definitely something that has piqued my interest!

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