Nominated for a Liebster Award 2018!

I was recently was nominated for a Liebster Award by fellow blogger Darnell Cureton. This is the first award I have been nominated for on here so many thanks to Darnell, it is very much appreciated. If, like me you hadn’t previously heard of the Liebster Award, you can find some background info here ——> Official Rules of the Liebster Award 2018.

Alright, so on to the questions I’ve been nominated to answer!

Why are you passionate about blogging? 

I enjoy having a platform where I am able to fully express myself through words. Verbally, it can be difficult for me to open up and express myself to others, particularly people I do not know well. It is much easier for me to express myself through words and having this platform has given me the opportunity to do that. What I particularly like about wordpress is that it feels a bit like a community. As an aspiring author and poet hobbyist, it is nice to be able to read others creative works whilst working on my own projects.

Would you rather be a well-known but penniless supermodel, or an unknown millionaire? Why? 

Definitely an unknown millionaire. I remember having this conversation with my Mum a while back. She asked me if I’d rather be famous with no money, or rich without the fame. When I was younger, I considered fame a form of acceptance. A way to be appreciated and loved by many. An affirmative that I was worthy. However, fame does not appeal to me so much anymore. A lot of people who I respect and admire and who are millionaires are known for their work behind the scenes. There’s this one talented producer who has created many hit, pop songs and has millions in the bank and yet, if you mentioned his name or showed a picture of him, the majority people would not even know who he was.

If you had the ability to turn your dreams into a Hollywood movie, what would it be about? 

One of the novels I am working on is a fantasy adventure, which I often think about in a cinematic way. I play out scenes in my head, the scenery, characters and story coming alive in my own mind as I write. To be honest, seeing any of my books as a Hollywood movie would be a dream come true.

You have the ability to redo something in history. What would it be? 

This is a difficult one. There are so many terrible things that have happened in history that I could redo and change for the better. If I could redo something in my life though, it would be to have chosen a degree more closely aligned to my career aspirations, such as creative writing.

You are alone on a tropical island for 1 year without clothes, just food and water, but you can bring 1 thing. What would it be? Why? 

I would say my MacBook so I could write and continue to work on my stories. If there was no electricity though then that would make this question a lot more difficult. I guess I would bring a book on how to survive on a tropical island for a year. Seems like it would be useful for the occasion.

Once again, thank you to Darnell for the nomination, I enjoyed answering these questions!

The rules are to nominate other people and think up some questions for them to answer. I’ve been struggling with this and for some reason I cannot for the life of me think of any (genuinely good) questions. If anyone wants to participate feel free, just check the Official Rules of the Liebster Award at the beginning of this post and you’re set to go. 🙂

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