How Writing Has Helped Me Personally

Hello! First of all, before I begin, I’d just like to thank those of you that follow me, read, have liked or commented on any of my posts as I have reached 50 followers! Hurrah! It may seem like pittance to those with a large amount of followers, but it genuinely means a lot to me so thank you!

Back on topic, writing has helped me tremendously throughout the years and has become a large part of my life. A day without writing is one of unease. It’s almost alien to me, as I have become accustomed to writing daily. When I am not writing or working on one of my novels I often daydream, playing out scenes in my head, my characters forming a life of their own. If I am away from home, I long to return to my laptop so I can continue to develop my works in progress. The longer I am away, the stronger this urge becomes. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

Writing is something that I have always considered a hobby. It still is a hobby of mine of course, but these last few months I been taking my hobby a little more seriously. Not to say that I wasn’t before, but this is truly the career path I dream of and there’s nowhere else I’d rather end up in life. This is it. It always has been, only I had been living in denial for years.

These are just some of the ways that writing has helped me personally throughout the years.

Has Helped Me Through Dark Times

It’s funny to think of how much I’ve turned to writing during times of emotional stress and difficulty. After many false starts at writing my very first draft many years ago, I’d only managed to write from beginning to end during a particular emotional period. Somehow, feeling all sorts of down motivated me to complete a first draft over the course of a few months. It’s the same scenario with a journal I started to write in 2012. Had I have not been bottling up all of my feelings, I wouldn’t have thought to create a journal, which in turn has helped me tremendously to improve my writing skills. We all have our vices to help us get through dark times and writing just happens to be one of mine.

A Way to Express Myself

Writing is such a great way to express yourself in my opinion and in particular, writing fiction. Your subconscious thoughts, views, traits, inspirations, loves, hates and so forth finds its way into your works of fiction, which makes a novel so personal and unique to its author. A novel is personal because it represents you and the way you see the world, which is why I hold it so close to my heart.

Has Given My Life Meaning and Purpose

Writing has given me something to work towards, a meaning and purpose in this life. It gives me a long term goal of completing several works of fiction and eventually seeking publication through a traditional publisher. I love the art of story-telling and the hidden messages it carries beneath the surface, which can often be inspirational. Writing gives me a chance to be creative, express myself and convey a message I hope to reach readers one day (a girl can dream!)

Something to Focus On

I have such an active mind and imagination, that it’s very easy for me to get lost in all of the things that really don’t matter so much in life. I mull over mistakes that I have made too much and I hate myself for it, knowing that I am not able to go back in time and change things. I sometimes drive myself into a state of sadness thinking about all of the things that I am simply not able to fix.

Writing gives me something meaningful to focus on, a healthy distraction. When I am writing, I realise that none of the other stuff matters so much. I am working on my own goals, towards something bigger and fulfilling. Things like drama and meaningless gossip doesn’t matter. My negative thoughts become irrelevant.


These are just some of the ways that writing has helped me personally. Once again, thank you to any of those that had read any one of my blog posts, liked or followed, it’s very much appreciated!

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