No Friends

In this small town populated with young and old, Shops right and left filled with the latest trends Wandering aimlessly watching events unfold Time elapses with no friends   They come and go faster than I age My longing for companionship never ends Wrapped in a crowd, self conscious, disengaged A heart devoid of friends   No calls, no texts, no love Tears devour me … Continue reading No Friends

Writing a Novel is a Process!

A loooooong process. Like climbing Mount Everest. Overcoming a 10 year depression. Conquering those negative thoughts that stop you from being happy, stepping out of your comfort zone, finding love, making friends, achieving your goals, pursuing your dreams, loving yourself. Beating that bad habit of opening a bottle of wine after a stressful day, or tearing your hair out until you have a small bald … Continue reading Writing a Novel is a Process!