The Childhood Hints of my Writing Dream

You know those people that are doing something they love? They are in the career of their dreams, doing something that they have always wanted to do with their life and for the rest of their lives? Or maybe they are well on their way to fulfilling their career dreams, studying at University to learn their craft. Often, people will say that they knew what they wanted to be growing up. They knew since they were little that the thing they are doing was the thing they were destined to do.

Take a DJ for example. Perhaps they spent their days as a kid with a playset of plastic cups. They’d turn their cups upside down and make beats on the wooden floor. Or maybe they didn’t use plastic cups but their parent’s pots and pans from the kitchen, patting their little hands away, just drumming beats. They could have been musically inclined, taking piano or guitar lessons and found a love for music that way. Or maybe they were known as the beatboxing kid at school because all they would do was beatbox. Orrrrrr, they received one of those little kiddie DJ sets one Christmas morning. After a little play around with their new toy, they fell in love with the art of DJ’ing. Boom! Kid inspired. DJ dream initiated.

I don’t remember having that. My dream is to be an author, but that wasn’t even a dream of mine until I was 16 years old. Some author’s would probably say that they always knew they wanted to be an author. They read a lot of stories growing up and that made them want to write stories themselves. That’s not something that I could say. I did have quite a few books as a kid but that didn’t trigger my desire to write. However, looking back at my childhood, I do believe that maybe, just maybe there were hints to my future writing dream, which I wanted to reflect on.

  • For one, I do remember writing all the time. Not necessarily stories, but just about anything. I had a whole notebook of nonsense. I wish I’d kept that notebook so I could look back on it, but I had too many notebooks which were clogging up my drawers and some had to go.  I have this Playstation 1 game called Grandia, which is one of my favourite games ever. It’s this Role-playing game that focuses on the adventures of this main character called Justin. I actually used up a notebook writing about the details of what happened, as if writing my own novel based on the game. I’d write my own made up song lyrics to music….I’d listen to songs religiously and write what I thought the song lyrics were (back when I couldn’t just look the lyrics up on google)….I wrote a whole bunch of stuff.
  • Speaking of, I really did own a lot of notebooks. I still do. Buying notebooks is addictive. There’s just something about a clean page and pretty cover that draws me in. The urge for buying a new notebook was like an itch that yearned to be scratched. Funny thing is, I’d get a least halfway through the notebook before the desire to buy a new notebook would strike me once again.
  • I did really enjoy writing stories as a kid. At the time I thought my stories were golden. Jackpot! There was this one time where I left my notebook containing one of my amazing stories in a taxi. Once I realised this, I told my Mum and she contacted the firm to see if the notebook was still sitting there in the back of the taxi. It was no longer there. I was a very disappointed child. I still have my notebook of stories I’d written when I was like…8. One of my favourite stories in it is this one where this robber decides to rob a store that a bunch of friends are shopping in. The main character comes up with this GENIUS plan to thwart the robber by making hot coffee and pouring it all over the robber’s head. It worked, and the day was saved. Genius.
  • Even though I used to write stories, my favourite way of storytelling was through my drawings. I was a big drawer as a kid. I used up a whole notebook drawing different characters on each page and telling a story through them.
  • I had this very weird thing that I used to do as a child, where I’d cut out people from books and magazines. Back when Argos had clothing magazines, I used to cut out the models. I’d cut out the characters from my books, even video game manuals. I’d then precede to play with them as if they were toys and make believe. I would like to think that doing that was connected to my creativeness and big imagination, rather than just plain old weirdness. Hey ho.
  • Even though I used to play with pieces of paper, I did own a bunch of toys. I owned so many Barbie dolls that I used to play with all the time. I collected toys I got from McDonalds and Kinder Eggs and built a collection of characters at my disposal. When I used to go to friend’s house, all I’d want to do is play with their toys and make believe. I think being an only child for so long meant I had to create my own fun, and a lot of that fun was in my own head.


So those are some of the hints of my future writing dream. I didn’t know it then, but now I know the path in which I will follow. The road to authordom.

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