One tear drop represents my long exhausting thoughts

Those wounded, bloodied thoughts represents a girl, distraught

I watched him as he tried to catch me in a hefty windfall

I hid in the hurricane ignoring the boy’s wordless call

Passion grew red in his eyes as he reached out his sturdy hand

My heart resisted as my hand reached out and pushed him back

Waves of common sense yearns to wrap me tight in all its bliss

And sink me to deserted shores surrounded in a shroud of mist

Physicality rejected by my heart’s friend rock and stone

May I be inlove or was I meant to live and die alone

Will he pierce through these walls and capture my heart’s core

Haul me out of these depths into this world like a girl reborn

I picture us together and form the conclusion

The love I’m destined for is merely an illusion

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