Class is your name

You were blessed as a child

But growing up cursed with hatred and denial

Refusing to do anything that’s worthwhile

You sit and cry bestowed in all your pain


You’re determined to make a change

But you’re scared of a fast moving pace

You’ll convince yourself that that cannot be the case

Yet the bed is calling

You sleep for twelve hours straight

Until several years have gone by

Your life has been a waste


Wrinkles hug your skin

Stained marks bruise your cheeks

You’re in your own puddle crying now and days have turned to weeks

Your phone is empty and vanished somewhere under the sheets

But no one’s calling

Your existence has peaked


The sun entices you out

You see everyone smiling

Talking aloud

You stare and wonder what your life has really been about

If you’re meant to feel down so the good sends you to the clouds

If you’ve been given the shrine to stand upon it shining


Class is your name

Secretly you wish for fame

That acceptance where everyone knows your name

And if you die a nobody then you’ve lost the game

If it all ended now it would all just be a shame

Though as long as you don’t move

Everything will stay the same

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