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The Pros & Cons of Writing with Music in the Background

I am someone who has become accustomed to writing with music on in the background. I generally opt for relaxing video game music on youtube, music designed for study. Study playlists. Sometimes, I switch it up and opt for a playlist of soothing film music. Other times, I may turn to Spotify in search of the perfect playlist to prepare me for a writing session. … Continue reading The Pros & Cons of Writing with Music in the Background

Bacon Sandwiches Always Reminded Her – Writing Prompt

Hey all! This is a writing prompt that was randomly generated from The prompt is ‘Bacon sandwiches always reminded her’ Bacon sandwiches always reminded her of him. Every Saturday and Sunday morning the smell of bacon pleasured her nostrils, arousing her from her sleep. An impromptu smile would slither across her face as she stretched her arms, anticipating another english breakfast. Beans, toast, scrambled … Continue reading Bacon Sandwiches Always Reminded Her – Writing Prompt

“Life is About Making An Impact…” – My Thoughts

Hello! The following quote came to mind as I was writing one of my previous blog posts. ‘Life is About Making an Impact, Not Making an Income – Kevin Kruse’ I thought about this quote as I trekked down the familiar road of writing blog posts once again. I think most of us know that writing is not necessarily the best path for making an … Continue reading “Life is About Making An Impact…” – My Thoughts

Volunteering for Hyper Japan!

A couple of weeks ago I had quite an eventful weekend. On the 17th and 18th of November, I spent all day volunteering for an event called Hyper Japan. This is an exhibition that brings the best of Japanese culture to London, all in one place. Food, fashion, live music, anime, games, sake, cosplay…so many things that make Japan so unique. I have a love … Continue reading Volunteering for Hyper Japan!

An Insight into Publishing

Publishing is a career I’ve been curious about since attending university. In my final year and as a graduate, I thought long and hard about possible career choices. Editorial, writing content online, journalism, copywriting. Basically anything to do with writing. I also thought about getting into publishing. I mean it made sense to me as an aspiring writer. It seemed like a natural choice, as … Continue reading An Insight into Publishing

The Woes of Anxiety

I’ve always been an anxious person, though I only really noticed this trait of mine recently. I guess you could call me a worrier. I always tend to think up the worst case scenario and convince myself that it will materialise itself. 99% of the time things turn out fine, but that doesn’t stop the negative thoughts from seeping into my mind. They’re all talking about … Continue reading The Woes of Anxiety